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Art of Science Learning Exhibit

Art of Science Learning Exhibit

We’re showcasing teams and projects from the three Art of Science Learning incubators (Chicago, San Diego, and Worcester) in a travelling exhibition which will tour the U.S. in 2016.

Our goal is to invite visitors of all ages to join us at the creative intersection of art, science, and innovation, and to experience the critical elements of the Art of Science Learning approach: observation, ideation, and prototyping, and how to apply the arts to help us address serious STEM-related challenges, large and small.

The exhibition features selected team projects from each community, including ideas, photos, art work, models, prototypes, video and interactive hands-on experiences. exhibit3

Visitors will dive into the creative process, tools, and experiences used by the incubator teams to explore their challenge and generate solutions. Activities will include:

  • Select a challenge.
  • Observe a challenge from multiple perspectives.
  • Apply creativity to wrestle with a challenge.
  • Generate and share ideas in response to a challenge.

The exhibition showcases the benefits of integrating innovation with arts practice:

  • Brings people together to cooperate, communicate and collaborate.
  • Opens up our imaginations and nurtures creativity.
  • Taps multiple modes of sensing, feeling, and thinking, conscious and non-conscious.
  • Attunes and refines our perception.
  • Expands how we explore and express ideas.
  • Develops skills of collaboration, communication, and creativity.


The exhibition opened at the Reuben H Fleet Science Center in San Diego on January 28, 2016 where it will remain on display through May 15th.  
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