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Worcester Incubator

Worcester Incubator

Worcester, Massachusetts is a small city with an enormous amount of energy, creativity, and commitment.

Worcester competed successfully with several other and much larger communities to be one of the AOSL incubators, developing their winning proposal through a high level of initiative, creative planning and excellent collaboration between local sponsors and organizations.

The lead organization in Worcester is the EcoTarium, a unique indoor-outdoor museum, whose mission is to “contribute to a better world by inspiring a passion for science and nature through discovery”. The Worcester Incubator Advisory Council has 20 leaders from education, museums, businesses, and city government helping to guide the effort and organize participation and contributions.

Worcester’s civic challenge is to integrate arts-based learning with STEM learning to research, plan, and develop new transportation solutions to enhance Worcester’s economic productivity, connect its neighborhoods and communities, and improve the quality of life for its residents and visitors.

Worcester incubator activities will kick off in March of 2014. Events will include the MASSACHUSETTS ART/SCIENCE EVENING RENDEZVOUS (MASER), a year-long series of community-based explorations of local, regional and national innovation at the intersection of art, science and learning, presented by the Art of Science Learning’s Worcester Incubator for Innovation. The first MASER will be part of the Hanover Theatre Lyceum Series on April 10, 2014. We’ll share initial outcomes and preliminary findings from the National Science Foundation-funded Art of Science Learning project.


Worcester’s Launch! Community members working in Art of Science Learning’s Worcester Incubator have created innovative responses to Worcester’s transportation challenges. See them on Thursday, January 22nd at Union Station. DOWNLOAD PRESS RELEASE HERE.