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In 2011 Art of Science Learning’s Phase 1 convened some 425 scientists, artists, museum professionals, classroom teachers, business leaders, policymakers, and academic researchers in NSF-funded conferences at the Smithsonian Institution, Illinois Institute of Technology and California Institute of Telecommunications and Information Technology (Calit2) to explore the connection between the arts, innovation and economic competitiveness; develop and strengthen communities of practice by sharing educational resources, curricula, and best practices that use arts-based learning to strengthen STEM learning; and experience first-hand arts-based educational techniques that develop critical and collaborative thinkers for the STEM workforce.
A number of valuable resources grew out of these conferences, including:


Working Group Notes

Notes from the Working Group sessions at the DC, Chicago, and San Diego Phase 1 conferences.

Educational Practices

Workforce Development

Research Agenda

 Outcome of “Idea Harvesting” Sessions

The Idea Harvesting sessions collected ideas from participants generated by the Metaphorming experience, informal discussions and insights from the keynote sessions.  Here’s a report based culled from the participant’s whiteboards and sticky notes.

Keynote Sessions

The Phase 1 conferences were marked by excellent presentations by speakers working at the leading edge in integrating STEM with arts-based approaches.  Below are links to the session presentations on the archived Phase 1 site.

Washington, DC


San Diego

Summative Evaluation Report

The Institute for Learning Innovation performed a comprehensive evaluation of the three conferences.


Workforce Development Policy Report

Available November, 2013.


ArtScience Matchup

A long-term outcome of the conference is ArtScienceMatchup, a community site where arts-based learning practitioners can post links to art / science / education projects, lessons, and resources.  The goal is to encourage collaboration on projects that combine the arts with science and education.